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Narrative Art

Diving deep into Storytelling

I love stories, and they say a picture tells a 1000 words!

Through Narrative Art I hope to bring to you a multitude of stories... stories that at some deep and mysterious layer within me, are ever clamouring to come out.

Images and Ideas swirling in a kaleidoscopic cacophony of creativity.

Allow yourself to open and relax into the experience....

May you enjoy the journey :-)

Narrative Art: Welcome

Bringing through Stories

Thus the animals manifest.

I dont plan them exactly. I just develop an awareness that something is forming- an idea...a story that is calling to be told. It incubates and silently builds into something I can 'see' and understand.

At that point the planning is usually a scribble on a sticky note or scratched on the earth to form a coherent structure.

Then it tip taps away in my mind until I can bring it forth and give it form in this dimension from where it was roaming restlessly in my head.

Some of the stories are Rescue tales, full of hope and compassion.

Some are heartachingly painful, raising awareness of pain and fear and suffering.

Each of the beings you see here is real. Most are animals I have met and taken reference photos of. Some are from my imagination in order to tell a specific narrative. Occasionally I use photo someone has given me with permission to create an artwork.

Immerse yourself in their stories. Be brave enough to dive deep and feel their pain and experience their reality. Find the secret doorways into your own darkest thoughts and shine a light of honest self reflection.

My mission is to bring these stories to you - with an open and kind heart. May you see them. May you feel them, May you hear them. May you know them.

With Thanks

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