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I am Currently studying Art Therapy

Over the coming year I will be working with a range of people to explore the therapeutic nature of art and the how, why and what of that for various individuals. If you'd like to be involved, please let me know :-)

  • This takes me into another space and time passes without noticing or paying attention to time.

  • ...either helps me lean into and process what I’m feeling or it can help distract me.

  • . It feels good to produce something creative

  • The rhythm and flow of the music is soothing and calming in itself.


Beyond Expectations; Blindfolded Art

Exploring art on a deeper level, an understanding of ‘why’ art and not just ‘how’.

Acrylics offer a perfect means to enter an experiential journey in a unique and fun way.

Become a better and braver painter through sensory adventures!


Exploring Art therapy:  Angela A. Art

Dive deep into brave and experiential painting techniques – learn new skills and techniques and explore and enhance your perceptions.
Unlock your personal creativity and inner world through exploration, including blind painting.
Gain a deeper connection to your own unique artistic gifts while stimulating neural pathways that will strengthen and enhance your developing style and skills.

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Photo Credits

Unless otherwise noted; all photographs are taken by me.
Thank you to Katy for the cover image of me helping out at a Sanctuary.
All Story Art section artworks are either done from life, on location, from imagination or from a combination of all of these and/or reference photographs that I have taken myself.
Occasionally, with permission, I use other peoples photography for reference and this will be noted and credited.
The Animals on the Wall are mainly created using public domain internet images for reference- sometimes multiple images for one artwork.
Thank you to all who kindly support and encourage me in so many ways xx

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