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30 Pieces of Silver


This image was created for a local Easter Art Show. This art work aims to relate Animal Rights to the Easter story in which the ‘Lamb of God’ (Jesus) is betrayed by Judas for 30 pieces of Silver.

All farmed lambs are also betrayed - bought and sold as commodities, objects, property.
A reminder of the face of the victims and the part we all play if we remain silent and complicit (or consume animal products).

The bag of coins spills onto the ground…. The lambs life- its whole world- its entire existence for money.

Meanwhile the lamb holds our gaze with innocence already stained with sadness, a sense of dawning awareness of betrayal, a sickening horror and a silent plea for mercy.

30 pieces of silver... The price of betrayal.

Each of us betrays innocent beings like this if we choose to keep animal products on our plate. Meat, Eggs and Dairy have victims who suffered pain and fear.

Please be kind and remember this face- look into his eyes and make compassionate choices this Easter ....and always. 

The Easter story is meant to tell of hope and new life.
I hope people connect to the symbolism and make kinder compassionate choices.

Thanks to Victorian Lamb Rescue Inc. ,for the gorgeous lamb photos as reference. 
Head on over to their page to see lots more cute lambs and also learn about many heart-warming stories of rescued animals at the Sanctuary. 
Please consider making a donation to help with their amazing work. 

Thank you all, with love.

Image created 13th February 2021.

30 Pieces of Silver: Welcome
Easter Lamb 2021 AAA.jpg


When we see a cute and fluffy lamb, most of us experience joy and often an impulse to nurture and protect the vulnerable baby animal.

Often people have no problem seeing these engaging little ones as individuals and acknowledging their feelings and needs.

The neatly packaged 'cuts of meat' in the supermarket or butcher were also from individuals who had the capacity to experience fear, pain and enjoyment. 

Make the connection and remember the 'meat' had a face, an identity and a personality. We do not need animal products to live healthy lives, so why pay to perpetuate suffering?

30 Pieces of Silver: Image
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