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The Joy

I LOVE painting on my walls. Perhaps there is a tiny thrill from doing something that used to be 'forbidden'.. 

We are generally advised as children not to draw on ourselves nor on the walls.

I love tattoos and get a lot of joy from painting on walls. Make of that what you will!

But there is a lot more to it. They are a part of the building itself, forming a visual spirit of the home; tangible and powerful.

My first direct on the wall art was decorating the nursery for the impending arrival of my first born. It was so much fun to paint on the animals and cartoons. The next time I had freedom to decorate walls as I pleased two sons spent their childhood in a jungle - the walls and ceiling completely covered in plants, animals and birds.

Recently, after I had repaired and painted my roof,  I began adding animals to my home - I don't plan them exactly... they just seem to appear in my mind along with the wall area they 'belong' on. 

Its like a birthing process- bringing them through to our reality!

I love the solidity and permanence of the images, settled in their own special space, unmovable upon solid sandstone walls.

They are guardians of our space and bring joy through their creation and then in their daily presence.

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