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Please see me

A life of suffering

The pigs message is something like ; " Cant you see me? I feel fear and pain like you do.... I can see, smell and hear you ...but when I scream to you for help you turn away as if there is only silence. I stand in front of you and look to you for mercy but you dont seem to see me as me - just an object.

I have done nothing wrong but you hurt me and yell at me. Am I not pretty enough for you to care? Is taste the only value you see in me, when in fact i am just like you- I want to live... "

Maybe there should be some stronger wording - but the general message is that.

I've deliberately put the eye right on the edge of the painting to create a sense of tension and a desire in the viewer to coax the pig forward want to move them over a bit into full view.. make eye see them.

Please See Me: Text
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Mother pigs sing to their piglets, they are intelligent, caring and even creative beings.

When allowed to explore their surroundings and freely engage in natural behaviors, pigs have been observed decorating their nests with vegetation as well as showing thoughtfulness towards their companions- such as bringing food to another who may be injured or otherwise impaired.

Pigs are naturally clean and do not soil their bedding. They enjoy mud baths which are good for their skin - pigs are the ultimate Spa client.

Under modern intensive 'factory' farming conditions- confined to tiny stalls which do not even allow turning around... pigs suffer boredom and anxiety and are seen engaging in repetitive and dysfunctional behaviors such chewing bars of their pens.

They experience fear and distress in the slaughterhouse and try to avoid moving forward which increases the likelihood they will be struck or poked with electric prods.

Their terror and confusion can only be imagined. 

In many pig slaughterhouses they are lowered into carbon dioxide gas chambers which burn their lungs and cause extreme prolonged agony.

People respond positively to happy stories about pigs - such as the famous 'Esther the Wonder Pig", often while continuing to eat other , equally unique pig personalities.

Please see these suffering beings and take pig off the menu, forever.

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