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Saved by the Pocket. A story of hope.

Tiny yellow fluffy, newly hatched male chicks, peeping for a mother they would never know- crowded along a conveyor belt with hundreds of other tiny babies just like them. The end destination- a macerator into which they would fall like ingredients into a blender and be minced alive as waste products of the egg industry.
For these two, on the fateful day of their hatching something miraculous happened. Against incredible odds these fragile chicks were snatched from impending death and stowed safely in someones pocket.
Rescued in a moment of compassion these boys found their way to a Sanctuary where they were able to live their best life; grow, form friendships, experience freedom to run around, scratch and forage, sunbathe and doze in the sun.
For millions of adorable baby chicks the outcome is sadly a violent death before they have any chance of life. For their sisters the fate is a prolonged suffering of overcrowding, stress and deprivation before a terrifying journey and horrifying slaughter.
Remember them and take eggs off the menu.

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Each of us has the opportunity every day to make compassionate and sustainable choices.
Beyond our selfish impulses we have the capacity to make a difference - to ourselves, the planet and all beings.
Be kind, it takes nothing away from us to offer another respect and dignity and refuse to be a part of violence and harm.

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