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They dont feel pain

Reversed Narrative

There is so much in this one image - it's a satirical support response to the ' fish feel pain" campaign

It's all the phrases humans use to excuse not being vegan. It's a position's reversed


Except the shark happens to be an actual top of the food chain carnivore so there is the irony of that layered into the image as well.

As a side story- the reminder that 'shark attacks" are just a predator having a snack in it's natural home environment. It's a commentary about a lot of things but mainly human arrogance

The main shark in the image is oblivious to any pain and suffering. Scorning any criticism or questioning.


Dont come round here with your 'Human Rights' drivel - they are not like us, they dont matter, i dont care, im at the top of the food chain, i will eat ten more humans for every one you dont eat. There are heaps of them anyway.

Ive been patrolling these oceans for decades and if there is one thing I know- its that if its in the ocean its for me to eat.

If Shark-God didnt want me to eat it ...what would it be doing in the water? What if you were in the middle of the deepest ocean Mavis and all that was there was you and a human- would you eat it?

They arent really sentient- its not like they are fish or anything- they are stupid anyway - they cant really swim, they cant talk underwater and they have no idea whats going on - they are more like seaweed or something.

Yeah dont worry about it - it doesnt matter if its dead or not - it cant feel any pain and it doesnt know its dying.

Just leave it there.

The observing shark (Mavis) is upset. She hovers tensely in the background.

She is concerned about humans and thinks they shouldn't be attacked when they are just playing - she sees them as innocents. She is upset because he bit the leg off and just dropped the body of the still alive and suffering man - like shark finning. At the least she thinks the human should be killed quickly and cleanly. He is just saying typical meat head things - except its legitimate as he is an apex predator in his own natural home environment

They dont feel Pain: Text
They dont feel Pain 2021 AAA.jpg

Role Reversal

The first time I watched a video on 'shark-finning' I was deeply horrified and disgusted. The living shark was brutally maimed- its fins sliced off- and then its body dropped back into the ocean....still alive and no doubt in agony and terror....unable to move. The brutalised shark thudded to the ocean floor where the documentary maker recorded its eyes moving as it lay helpless - awaiting its slow painful death.
Every time we consume animal products there is an innocent victim. 
This image was created as part of an art therapy study assignment and it aims to invite self reflection and open the way to personal growth.

They dont feel Pain: Image
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